Remnants of Reflection is a travel blog is by Lucy Bladen, which endeavours to share expert travel advice, guides, food, stories and everything else in between.

Travelling can be an incredibly enriching experience but it is also very overwhelming. Remnants of Reflection hopes to make this process easier for readers wishing to embark on their own journey’s.

Remnants of Reflection accepts submissions from other travel writers, please email any expressions of interest.

About Lucy

The person behind Remnants of Reflection is myself – Lucy – and it’s good to have you here.

I’m a twenty-three year old residing in Canberra, Australia. I am student, currently completing a Bachelour of Honours after graduating from a double degree in Journalism and International Studies in 2016.

Ever since I was young girl I have wanted to travel. My first overseas trip was to Fiji in 2009 and since that time I have been to twenty-six countries – most of which are in Europe. My most desired destination at the moment is the Inca Trail in Peru.

Besides travelling my other interests include reading, writing, drawing, hiking and eating a lot of good food.

My next trip: Fiji, October/November 2017.




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