Reading List 2017

In October last year I wrote a reading list and promised to write some reviews of books that I had read. I am still fully intending to do this and will begin writing reviews in the upcoming weeks. However, I wanted to compile a new reading list for 2017. This is a better way for more to keep to track of all the books I have read this year. I can add and subtract books as I go.

Before I write my list though, I think I should let you know about some plans for Remnants of Reflection.

I am also going to change the direction of this blog.

I set up my blogger account when I was fifteen years old and I honestly had no intentions or specialities at that stage, I only knew that I loved writing and wanted to create a platform where I could do so.

As time progressed Remnants of Reflection slowly became a travel blog. I visited various places around the world and shared this with the blog.

But I am not fortunate enough to travel full time, and therefore my blog tends to lag for the most part. Last year I also became the editor of Curieux which is my university’s student magazine and therefore a lot of my energy went towards that, and finishing my degree of course.

At times I have considered writing about lifestyle and health but to be honest I could write nothing original, it would merely be second hand information. I wanted to write about feminism and politics at one point as well, but that is an entirely different part of my life and I guess I just want a blog that I can use as an escape. The name Remnants of Reflection does not exactly scream a news source.

Therefore, I want to use this blog as a portal to not only share the travelling I do but also the books I read, my hobbies and various tidbits from my life.

Primarily, my focus will be travelling and reading which is actually awesome because the two fit together like puzzle pieces.

Now, let’s get to this year’s reading list –

    • Fight like a girl – Clementine Ford
    • The Good PeopleHannah Kent
    • Conversations with myself Nelson Mandela
    • The Narrow Road to the Deep NorthRichard Flanagan 
    • Foreign Soil Maxine Beneba Clarke
    • ShantaramGregory David Roberts 
    • The SelloutPaul Beatty
    • The Danish GirlDavid Ebershoff 
    • The Harry Potter Series* JK Rowling 
    • The Dry – Jane Harper
    • Just Mercy Bryan Stevenson 
    • War and PeaceLeo Tolstoy (probably not going to happen but a girl can dream!)
    • PresenceAmy Cuddy
    • One Hundred Years of Solitude – Gabriel Garcia Marquez 
    • Difficult Women – Roxanne Gay 
    • Everywhere I look – Helen Garner 

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