How to Spend Two Days in Prague

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities you will ever see. It’s a place of good food, history, amazing architecture and great sightseeing. One of the great things about the Czech Republic in general is that it’s relatively inexpensive and you can indulge even on a budget. If you are looking to go to Prague but don’t have much time here’s how to spend two days in Prague and ensure you get the most out of it! 

How to spend two days in Prague 

Day One


Start the day early and walk across Charles Bridge before it is amassed with people. This is a beautiful time of the morning to take in the serenity of Prague and enjoy the views of the river. By mid-morning the bridge is absolutely crowded with tourists, buskers, market stalls and unfortunately, pickpockets. Whilst the buskers are very entertaining it is important to soak up this uninterrupted time.

Assuming you started from the side of Old Town you should now be in Mala Strana – the side leading up to Prague Castle. One of the most photographed tourist attractions of Prague can be found here – the John Lennon Wall.

Me at the John Lennon Wall in 2016
Me at the John Lennon Wall in 2014.

The John Lennon Wall was erected after the death of the musician as a protest to the communist regime. It’s also important to visit this site in the morning otherwise you will be fighting to get a picture with nobody else in it.

After visiting the John Lennon Wall head up to Prague Castle and spend some time exploring the exterior and gardens. Make sure you head up to the top of St. Vitus Cathedral whilst you are there for spectacular views of all of Prague – but be warned the stairs up are not pleasant, if you suffer from claustrophobia you should skip this.

View of Prague from St. Vitus Cathedral


Head to a convenience store or other takeaway joint and grab some food to take to Petrin Hill. This is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic in the surrounding park. There is also a restaurant there if you prefer a sit down lunch.

There is a lookout tower at the top of Petrin, but this isn’t essential, especially if you have already been to St. Vitus Cathedral. In fact, you don’t really need to climb to the top of the hill to enjoy its beauty.


Head to Nove Mesto (New Town) and explore Wenceslas Square. Many important Czech historical events have occurred here, including the announcement of the fall of communism. Whilst, this not exactly upfront it’s pretty cool fact to know.

There are a lot of shops around Wenceslas Square to look at if you are so inclined. There are also a number of cafes and bars. However, if you are looking for something a bit different visit the Museum of Communism.


Prague is well known for its nightlife and it would be antithetical to visit without experiencing it.

Karvoly Lazne is the famous five storey nightclub but to be frank I’ve been there twice and hated it both times. It’s expensive and rather seedy plus the music isn’t fantastic. Nevertheless, I have been with people that really enjoyed it and it is an experience.

I personally recommend heading to the James Dean bar and then Roxy – which is a warehouse based nightclub that plays heavy dance music.

Day Two


You might be feeling a bit under the weather today if you took my advice but there’s nothing a good breakfast cannot fix. Head to my favourite cafe in Prague – Kafka Snob Food, located in Stare Mesto (Old Town) to indulge in a hearty breakfast with some good coffee but make sure you save room for lunch – as you’ll see below.

Just around the corner from Kafka Snob Food is the Prague Jewish Museum – the next sight I recommend seeing. If you buy an all-inclusive ticket you can look at the entire Jewish Quarter. It’s an eerie place but one you must visit. Beware, if your second day in Prague happens to be on Saturday as it is closed for the sabbath.


After finishing at the museum head to the Astronomical Clock – make sure you are there on the hour to watch the forty-five second performance of the famous ticking clock.

When the show finishes head up the Old Town Hall Tower to enjoy another awesome view of Prague. This is a panoramic view, but is more condensed than Saint Vitus Cathedral. It’s great to watch people exploring the Old Town.

Upon descending from the tower, spend an hour or two getting in lost in Old Town. There are many alleyways, shops and sights to see along the way. However, when you come across the good food bakery stop and enjoy a trdelnik – they are simply incredibly and something you could only get away with eating on a holiday.


Paddle boating on the Vltava river is the perfect way to end your two days in Prague. It’s an amazing experience taking in the sights along the river and just unwinding.

After you’re done head to one of the bars along the river and enjoy a pivo (beer)!


If you are hanging around for dinner head back to the Old Town and go to Restaurant ZLATÝ DVŮR. This is a jazz restaurant with an awesome atmosphere and if you want – you can even dance once you’ve finished your meal.

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  1. Lucy, thank you for the tips. I’m sure I’ll use couple of them when I visit Prague. I like that you there are not too many and not too few places offered by you. Just perfect and doable in 2 days. 🙂

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